Shirtless Reed Diffuser

Shirtless Reed Diffuser


Our "Shirtless" aroma is a masculine blend that has a universal appeal of woody and musk base notes and an oak moss middle note. Think of "Shirtless" as a manly, rugged scent perfect for any guy's modern bachelor pad or a unisex scent for any room. It's woody aromatic fragrance carries a clean citrus scent leaving you wanting more. Pamper your senses with "Shirtless"


Our minimalistic look provides a simple yet elegant style for any home. 

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Our hand poured reed diffusers are a great way to add scent to your space without the worry of flames! Comes with 6 bamboo reeds and one glass bottle. Each bottle lasts 3-4+ months. Essential oils and natural fragrance oils are used and each scent is phthalate free & vegan!

Instructions for Use:

For best results, use in smaller spaces like a bathroom or small bedroom. Add reeds to bottle and flip over every 2-3 days to diffuse them smell in your home. Make sure to place your diffuser in an area where it won’t spill or leak.