Meet the Makers


Our Story

We craft beautiful simple soy wax candles, all hand poured with love in our home studio

Our passion of living as close to an all natural life as possible has led us to this journey of creating an all natural, 100% soy wax candle. After digging around we realized that many candles contain very harmful and powerful chemicals that can affect our health. Who knew that lighting a paraffin candle could have such adverse side effects to our health and environment.

It's hard to think that we were once burning petroleum based paraffin wax candles that were scented with fragrances that contain chemicals such as phthalate to extend the aromatic strength of the candle. 

We have since pledged to use all natural, chemical free and naturally sourced or sustainable products to make our all natural candles. We hope you follow us along on our all natural journey!


Inspired by all things natural


Earth & Human Friendly Practices

Our wax is 100% all natural soy with no soy based additives or preservatives. Our wax is  kosher and burns 30% - 50% longer than the petroleum based paraffin wax.

The fragrance oils and essential oils used to fragrance our candles are all non-toxic and phthalate free thus safe to use around those with asthma, children and pets.

Our candles are safe to use on skin allowing them to be used as massage oil or moisturizer once melted. Now can you do that with regular candles? We consider that to be a 2 for 1! 

Renewable, Sustainable, Biodegradable

We pride ourselves in using products that actively participate in sustainability.

Our wood wicks come from wood that is sourced from FSC-certified mills which means that they come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. 

Our wax is made from soybeans that are planted and harvested by American Farmers. 

  • Soy is a renewable resource

  • continually produced without damaging the environment

  • is completely biodegradable.